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      Where fashion, dining, entertainment and fun comes naturally! Centurion Mall is Centurion's very own super regional shopping centre. With its wide variety of shops, services and leisure options, shoppers can enjoy natural shopping in an open-aired Mall that boasts more than 200 stores and restaurants. Read More
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Trading Hours

The centre's trading hours are listed below for your convienience:

Monday - Thursday : 09:00 - 19:00
Friday: 09:00 - 20:00
Saturday: 08:00 - 18:00
Sunday: 09:00 - 17:00
Public Holidays: 09:00 - 17:00
Normal trading hours will be applicable to Public holidays on Fridays or Saturdays.


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Smiles Family Shopping


Tuesday, 28th February 2017

Fist Fight
Show Times:
12:15; 17:30; 10:00; 15:00; 19:45;

When one school teacher gets the other fired, he is challenged to an after-school fight. ...

Great Wall, The [3d]
Show Times:
09:00; 14:15; 19:30; 11:30; 17:00;

European mercenaries searching for black powder become embroiled in the defense of the Great Wall of China against a horde of monstrous creatures. ...

Lego Batman Movie (3d)
Show Times:
09:00; 14:00; 19:30; 11:30; 17:00;

Bruce Wayne must not only deal with the criminals of Gotham City, but also the responsibility of raising a boy he adopted. ...

Xxx: The Return Of Xander Cage
Show Times:
12:15; 17:45; 09:30; 14:45; 20:15;

Xander Cage is left for dead after an incident, though he secretly returns to action for a new, tough assignment with his handler Augustus Gibbons....

Fifty Shades Darker
Show Times:
11:45; 17:15; 09:00; 14:30; 20:00;

While Christian wrestles with his inner demons, Anastasia must confront the anger and envy of the women who came before her. ...

Show Times:
09:45; 15:15; 20:30; 12:30; 18:00;

An American backpacker gets involved with a ring of drug smugglers as their driver, though he winds up on the run from his employers across Cologne high-speed Autobahn. ...